Lesson Study Summer Institute 2010

Session 1: July 14, 15, 16, 19, 20

Session 2: August 11, 12, 13, 16, 17

The two sessions are equivalent, although Session 2 will have more of a high school focus.

Deadlines for both sessions:

- Registration: Wednesday, Jun 30

- Payment: Friday, July 9


About The Summer Lesson Study Institute

Lesson Study uses live classroom lessons as the focus of professional learning. Teachers research a topic, then work together to carefully plan a research lesson designed to test new ideas for helping students learn. One teacher then teaches the lesson while others observe and take notes. Afterwards, the teacher and observers use data collected during the lesson to shed light on how the lesson impacted student motivation and student learning. Out of this process of researching, planning, applying, and reflecting come new insights into content, student thinking, and effective pedagogy.

The Lesson Study Summer Institute enables teacher teams to get started with lesson study outside of the pressures of daily teaching. Led by Akihiko Takahashi, a world expert in lesson study and in school mathematics, each team of 3 to 6 teachers develops its research lesson plan while learning about teaching mathematics through problem solving and planning for effective whole-group discussions.

Feedback from the 2009 Summer Institute:

"This week was really well organized. The days went really fast and the time to work in groups allowed for really deep conversations. It was amazing to see the growth in just one week. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this group."

"I appreciated the intellectual conversations that stemmed from these sessions. I enjoyed the ability to work with my colleagues."

"I was able to reflect more on many aspects of lesson study that I was introduced to last year. I could think about things in more detail than I could in the past."

Tentative Agenda

Session 1

Session 2

Day 1

Wednesday, July 14
Wednesday, August 11

Introduction to Lesson Study

Improving the teaching and learning of mathematics and science

Identifying a school theme for Lesson Study

Day 2

Thursday, July 15
Thursday, August 12

Kyozai Kenkyu: the study of materials for teaching

Lesson planning

Day 3

Friday, July 16
Friday, August 13

The observer's role during a research lesson

Lesson planning

Day 4

Monday, July 19
Monday, August 16

What does it mean to teach through problem-solving?

Designing the flow of a lesson

Lesson planing

Day 5

Tuesday, July 20
Tuesday, August 17

Lesson plan presentations and discussion

Finalizing lesson plans

Plannning for research lessons during the school year


Thanks to a grant from IBHE, the cost is reduced for Illinois teachers who enroll as part of a team of 3-6 teachers and have principal support.

  • Illinois teachers: $200

  • Non-Illinois teachers: $700



For more information please contact:

Thomas MCDougal

Associate Director, APMSEC

School of Education

DePaul University

2320 N. Kenmore Ave.

Chicago, IL, 60604, USA



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